About Us

Our Journey 

This brand has been a true journey and passion project. It grew from just an idea to a fully realized product at a blistering pace. Finding a way to touch people and have them grow with us is the goal! This is just the beginning, a stepping stone that will lead these ideas and hopefully foster a movement of positivity, growth, and hard work that will mold and shape the next generation. Our journey is just that OUR journey! Come along with us! Grow so that you can achieve, achieve so you can succeed. I want everyone that is moved by or touched by this brand to be inspired and exclaim "That's Filthy!".

 Our Growth
Our designs have evolved from just a basic concept,
to a nearly finished idea,
to a complete logo,

all the way to a finish brand with product! This is something ANYONE can do! If you have dreams and goals reach out and grab then. There are lanes and pathways to success out there for everyone. We encourage you to find that path that best suits you and go for it!

Our Mission

We are rooted in the core beliefs that anyone can achieve their goals. This brand has been a true passion product! Our goal is to inspire, move and motivate people, letting them know they have value and are AMAZING!